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  • Thundermark Capital

    Thundermark Capital

    Deep Tech VC Fund

  • Donald G. McNeil Jr.

    Donald G. McNeil Jr.

    New York Times, 1976–2021. Last beat: lead reporter on pandemic. 2020 Chancellor Award; 2021 NYT Pulitzer donaldgmcneiljr1954@gmail.com

  • Leigh Johnson

    Leigh Johnson

    Building https://www.print-nanny.com/. Head to https://bitsy.ai/ for more Applied ML and Edge ML projects. Google Developer Expert. Staff ML Eng @ Slack.

  • Jerry Yang

    Jerry Yang

    General Partner of HCVC / did NOT co-found Yahoo! in 1994

  • Unshabby Chic

    Unshabby Chic

    unshabby.com — Handcrafted Cards Loaded with Love and Happiness

  • Ali Tamaseb

    Ali Tamaseb

    Partner at DCVC ($2Bn VC firm) and author of “Super Founders”. #1 bestseller new release VC book on Amazon. https://getbook.at/superfounders

  • Глеб Чувпило

    Глеб Чувпило

    Серийный предприниматель и инвестор | AI @ MIT & MBA @ Wharton | Peter Thiel, Y Combinator, Palantir, Goldman Sachs

  • Neural Information Processing Systems Conference

    Neural Information Processing Systems Conference

    Tweets sent to this account are not actively monitored. To contact us please go to http://neurips.cc/Help/Contact

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